Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 51

Welcome back friends,

I hope everyone is getting through the week unscathed. If you're anything like me, you have been avoiding any and all contact and conversations with the new album from the artist who shall not be named. If you haven't been so fortunate, please click the link below and cleanse the palate.

Saudi National BankMedia, Ads & Top Trends - GlobalData


Real ones know, FAT MAX or nothing.


Pretty spot on list here. I might reorder a few but all these are hard hitters. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts here.


God is good. This is just the spread you want to see. Pretty much every flair of cuisine you can imagine just warming and rotating.


JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED. Now give Pitino his banner back.


Leave it to Water to rattle our timeline with a hard hitting take like this. Admittedly, I'm not much of spell head but I trust that his deep dive into the advanced analytics has brought the truth to light. I also love the discourse this created in the replies. Well done, Water.


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