Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 54

Welcome back friend,

Another Wednesday has arrived and without question, bearing a fresh slate of above average tweets, no less. Don't get your hopes up, there is no gas pump man or portal girl on the list today. Those are sickening acts that will receive no shine on this site. I equate that the Hoka slander that will also not be tolerated, but that has been addressed accordingly. See below.

Campaign launched in Saudi Arabia to promote lifestyle advantages of  hobbies | Arab News


You can't trust a guy who doesn't.


I'm expecting some push back on endorsing this list, but I think Rhino nailed it. My only critique would be dropping the jalapeño sausage for just any type of smoked sausage. Sound off in the comments.


Straight facts. These ladies move at the speed of smell, no matter what location you're at.


Maybe one of the dopest pictures to ever be taken along with an incredibly factual caption.


I mean, what an unfortunate way to come into this world. Let's be real, this poor child is most likely doomed. I will admit there is an outside chance that he somehow becomes a 5 star wide receiver with a name like that, but again- highly unlikely. The real winner in this situation is the social media manager for Golden Corral. The world tossed them a bone and made this restaurant relevant for the first time in decades.


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