An open letter to Elon From Rick Saban


I am publishing this on behalf of my good friend Rick and the rest of the unverified community. All comments listed below are not in affiliation with Ron's Good Tweets. I am doing my best to simply provide a platform for justice.

An open letter to Elon musk (lmao makes me think of skunk)

Hey @elon,

Rick here,

Me n the boys got a bone to pick. Why can’t we be on Twitter for 4 hrs a day?

*insert relatable tweet from the boys* (would do it myself but can’t even go back to look at said relatable tweet)

I shouldnt have to pay to fill my mind with internet garbage. That should be free.
When I signed up to go on this journey of self actualization (creating an anonymous online commetning account), I did so with the thought of the 4th amendment in mind (free speech). I never in my 36 years on this earth thought that there would be any monetary value tied to that constitutional right. Now I know all of us can’t afford a monthly subscription to the app that we all thought of so dearly (can’t hide money @ron) , but we must band together against this capitalistic evil and take to the streets (blogs) our protests.
Anyways, I really dont have Many intelligent thoughts on this matter, and I don’t want to get political, but Elon, you can suck on deez. Deez nuts.

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