Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 11

Welcome back friends,

What. A. Week.

Our beloved community was shaken to its very core, all thanks to Elon.  Without Rick's help, we may have lost the bird app as we know it.

It was a dark few hours, but as the old adage goes, weak men create tough times and tough times create strong men and strong men create deep group chats to keep choppin it up.


Genius idea. I love a scratch off every now and again so I mean no disrespect to the lotto investor, but I hate when I get stuck behind the guy who does this. Even if he's due


Wise words from Slaw. Can confirm this works. I started calling the burrito artist at Willy's  "Boss" exclusively and he doesn't hold back on the chicken scoops. S#LAW


Worst guy of the week (WGOTW) goes to Carl's boss. It is our right to smoke meats and get sunburned on July 4th and the woke airbag textiles business is trying to take that from us.


Same brother.


Major respect. There has been a lot of chatter this week about life in the dog house and for those unaware, this is what it looks like and (if not perfectly executed) how to keep yourself there. Regardless, if Mrs. Unc has any sense she'll let this one slide because Uncle Drew is the first ever multiple TOTW winner! Congrats!

By popular request..



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