Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 14

Welcome back friends,

Once again, an eventful week has transpired since we last talked. Father Elon has again tried to throw a wrench in what we have going on here. Many have reached out to me for comment on the matter so I want to take second to clear a few things up and make sure we are all aligned on something-- I will not be changing the name of the blog to Ron's Good Xeet's (unless there is any form of compensation involed and in that case I totally will because I am still in the red on this operation) and I will not be calling the app X. I think the best plan of action is for us to ignore this whole thing all together. No matter the pressure, we must RESIST!


I'd like to see someone try and come up with a better way for us to spend time... I'll wait.


While dudes may rock, these dudes do not. 0/10 no drip


Facts. I know she parallel parks that thing whenever possible in an effort to stick it to the patriarchy.


Everyone's got that one pair. That one pair has the ability to counteract even the worst of days. I bet #Slawturday ruled.


I'm not gonna lie I had trouble picking this as TOTW, but as I scrolled through all of the contenders, my heart kept bringing me back to this one. It isn't a flashy tweet nor is it a funny tweet, but it's a true ass tweet. Nice work Benny - Hang it in the rafters.


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