Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 15

Welcome back friends,

Ahhh yes, we've made it another Wednesday. I hope everyone's week is getting on nice, except you Boy McGuyerton. That guy STINKS.

On a better note, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the arrival of a new subscriber (see below), The Lieutenant- Seed of The General. Welcome aboard the rocket ship bud.


Presented without comment. Just take our word for it.


Nope not even a little bit.


Me to Playa. The stupid X is really starting to get to me. I'm holding out on the update on my phone and ask all that are able to stand with me and hold the line!


Saw a few submissions for this one. I just have one question for this man. Do you really need a job when you have friends like this? I think not.


Easy and clear number one pick here. Joey Freshwater has nothing to hide these days. It's actually a great recruiting tactic to impress 18 year olds by posting your #NationalGirlfriendDay pics, those guys eat that up. Good work Coach. 5 bucks headed your way.


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