Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 19

Welcome back friends,

Hope everyone is resting easy this week. Week 0 brought plenty to chat about before we get into it.

DJT got booked and fired off a tweet. Politics aside, I think we can all agree that the World Wide Web is a much more hilarious place when Trump is contributing. And also Kanye, who also made headlines this week. If you know what I mean.

On to a more pressing matter, Benny finished his list and I gotta say.. He may have slipped a bit on the home stretch. I could go more in depth, but I don't want to detract from this weeks top 5. For further comments, I am having one of my trusted contributors create a ranking of Benny's rankings. Stay tuned.


Get this Nan to Rome ASAP! All jokes aside this gal has a pure action. She would for sure have to give Nells a couple of pops a side.


This tweet spoke to Ron circa 2014. Especially, if by cruise you mean go 85 mph down the sidewalk listening to Playback FM. Those were the days.


White people are the worst.


Lamar Odom is the least slick person alive.


Rick is too kind for not naming names. I totally would have. There are two valuable lessons being laid out here by our wise sage, Rick Saban. Firstly, don't be that guy. You should look at being in fantasy leagues like spicy mustard on a brat, the more the better. Secondly, if you aren't spending your time in the oval office scouring the waiver wire for a solid flex option with a favorable match up, what are you doing??? Who ever Rick is referring to here needs to take a long look in the mirror and get their act together.


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