Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 18

Welcome back friends,

I hope everyone's staying cool this week. The only things hotter than this weather is Nell's living room sauna and this line up I have for you today.

On another note, As an notable industry stalwart in the thing ranking space, I feel as though it is my duty to comment on Benny's list of Top 100 Things. While it's possible he may have bitten off more than he can chew, I think he's managing the board in a respectable fashion up to this point. It's all going to come down to how he plays the final 20. Everyone knows that. See tweet 4 for more info.


Literally started drooling and barking at these pics. I might have to organize a TOTW winners trip to wingnutz.


Like I said before, the list is good UP TO THIS POINT. I have a few things circled on my big board and this definitely up there. This could cost Benny everything if not executed well from here on out.


Veteran play by the Riesling King.


Love this take. I low key look down on a man if they buy pre shelled pistachios. #simulatedhunt


Welcome back to the winners circle, Slaw. It's been too long.

Incredible tweet here. It's one of those thoughts you would probably not have come up with on your own. That's why we need elevated thinkers like @69coleslaw. Thanks for your commitment to science and excellence.


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