Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 21

Welcome back friends,

Cheers to another week, another edition, and another fresh batch of alien evidence. Those little guys look wild. Whether they are human or not, some cross pollination obviously happened at some point because it finally brings some clarity as to why Kyler Murray look like that.

Thanks for the pre orders on the merch. I'll follow up this week to get those fresh threads out to you a$ap.


Seeing this artwork, I felt a profound stirring deep within, an intricate blend of sorrow and hope. This piece doesn't just speak; it sings a ballad of redemption. Almost cried.


This tweet connected dots that I didn't know existed.


Big time woah from Coach GT.


Behind getting paid to play games, this is easily the best part about going to the casino. I wish this was an industry standard in more places. Like if the PGA Superstore did this I would legitimately never leave.


Had to screen shot this one because our boy @DaddyZaslav got suspended shortly after tweeting. As an Aaron Rodgers fantasy Governor on Monday night, this gave me a little bit of peace through my loss. It was always the plan. It was never in my hands. I will be turning notis on when he gets out of Twitter Jail.


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