Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 22

Welcome back friends,

I would say something comforting about the cooler weather, but then again, who am I to stand in the way of a good seasonal grumble? Life would be meaningless if we didn't complain. With that being said-  

Introducing "Complaint Week": a brand-new holiday week dedicated to letting it all out, set to take place starting on the 3rd Wednesday of every September! For seven glorious days, let's air our grievances without restraint. Who said venting isn't festive?

I'll start- some of you so called "fans" still haven't bought a Ron's Good Tweets pocket tee. Anyone who buys one will absolutely have better chances of getting on the podium.


We are waiting on your mark. Let us know when it's time #Trustyouruncle


Kinda goes hand in hand with #5 but these crisp mornings have clearly confirmed it's time


Now this is innovation that excites


Just when you thought that you've seen every air frier recipe.  

  1. TOTW

Straight facts. This dude is going to dominate the ropes course at the office team building outing, but will still probably struggle to be successful with bad coverage. So really nothing new.


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