Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 29

Welcome back friends,

I'm buzzin' to be back on your screen for another week. You guys have really put out a solid body of work this week and made my job tough. Between the Vince McMahon gifs, NBA twitter coming back to life, and Benny's hate speech there has been PLENTY to choose from, but I think I was able to sift out a solid top 5. Now, a few shameless plugs then let's get on to the tweets.

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Helm” – the fake ads taking the Arab World by storm! | Empello


It's not that big of a deal but good enough for the #5 slot. Congrats, Queen.


There is quite a bit to take in here so we'll break it down one frame at a time. First let's draw our attention to the homie in the (dope) tracksuit with an ankle monitor on(!). His PO isn't going to believe it. Now our second man is clearly the accomplice in the situation and was 100% going to be compensated in beef. Moving on to the get away car. Now I'm certainly no advocate for police making assumptions and overstepping boundaries but if you see that caddy on the road it's safe to say something illegal is going on in there. Last but not least- What the hell is a "Food Town"?


This degree of degenerate behavior will always have a place on this list. Good work Nells.


Finally, someone is saying the quiet part out loud.

Case and Point: I asked one of my female readers to make a bowl of cereal and take a picture. The photo below is what I received back. I rest my case.


Now THIS is it. Too many people show up on twitter to post shallow, bureaucratic and dispassionate things. These are the important and hard hitting updates this website was created for. Thanks for letting us in on this special moment, Queen.


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