Dick's Picks - Nov. 4-6

By: Richard Johnston @fearless_sage9

Last week’s picks were downright bad and disgusting so I’m blaming them for why I’m currently sick. We’re experiencing that false fall crap and it’s got my sinuses striking up the band in my head. I promised if we didn’t go over .500 that you’d get my picks for free so here they are! You can’t say I’m not a man of my word.

Once again, if I don’t go over .500, you will get ALL my picks for free. FREE. Best of luck to you all, here’s a recap.


Florida +14.5❌- bad bad bad

Oregon -6.5✅   Over 47.5❌ - Oregon cruised to a W but did the same thing they did versus Colorado and just sat on it in the second half. Cruel behavior.

Duke +5.5 ❌- I guess they blew their load versus Florida State, Leonard definitely not fully back.

Kentucky +3.5 ❌- This was a pretty good game to watch and Kentucky didn’t even play bad, the numbers just didn’t swing our way to stay within the number.

UCLA -15.5 ❌  Over 62.5❌ - 4 Turnovers in the first half by UCLA told you everything you need to know about this one, was a complete snoozer but at least the Bruins defense continued to ball.

Steelers +2.5 ❌- Steelers let this one slip away, had plenty of opportunities to get it done.

Rams +6.5 ❌- Rams are bad, dumb pick by a dumb bettor

Titans +2.5 ✅  Under 35.5❌ - Will Levis has arrived, maybe we should all put mayo in our coffee

Seahawks -3.5 ✅- Seattle didn’t look as good as I thought they would but they still cover, cheers to me.

Bengals +4.5✅- Bengals in a must-win completely smother and cover the ailing Niners. Bye week couldn’t come at a better time for San Fran.


Featured Games Record: 4-9 YUCK

This week’s total record:  12-16

Overall Record: 51-64-1

This week’s Outright Dog Record: 1-4   -2.65u

Overall Outright Dog Record: 5-5    +2.25u


#23 Kansas State @ #7 Texas (-4)

O/u: 49.5

Chris Klieman brings his Wildcats into Austin to keep it weird and add more chaos to the current Big 12 race. K-State is coming off of a ho hum win only beating Houston 41-0 while Texas is looking to try to be a little more explosive  after a 35-6 defensive beat down of the BYU Soakers. Texas is going to be starting Maalik Murphy in the absence of the injured Quinn Ewers. I think Sark was holding something back when he realized BYU wasn’t going to offer any resistant and could put the game in park and sit on it.

Hook ‘Em

Texas -4


#12 Missouri @ #2 Georgia (-15.5)

O/u: 56

Play that CBS music!

Now after you’ve listened to the intro song, mute your tv so you don’t have to listen to Gary Danielson anymore.

Maybe one of my favorite head coaches, the alpha nerd Eli Drinkwitz, has put together a masterful season and still control their destiny. All they have to do is go between the hedges and take down the defending back to back national champion Georgia Bulldogs.

I would imagine Kirby is licking his chops in being able to find some easy motivation for his team after the initial playoff rankings have the dawgs at 2. Another piece of motivation is that this is one of the games UGA almost slipped up in last year. Carson Beck has also been playing some good ball without Bowers in the lineup and I wouldn’t think that stops on Saturday.

Georgia -15.5

#9 Oklahoma (-6) @ #22 Oklahoma State

O/u: 61

This will be the last Bedlam we’ll see for the foreseeable future with OU heading to the SEC. “Crazy things happen when these teams get together.” “You better throw out the record books.” All the clichés can be used when describing Bedlam but I’ll use one word. Chaos.

Both teams have problems on defense and especially OU stopping the run, which is what the Pokes have been leaning on with Ollie Gordon going for over 250 yards in the last two games. We might not see that many yards from him this weekend but I’ll be shocked if he isn’t in triple digits. Give me Okie State to keep it close and stick it to the Sooners

Ok State +6    Over 61


#5 Washington (-3) @ #20 USC

O/u: 76.5

Technically USC can still go on to win the Pac-12 is they win out. They only have one conference loss and welcome the Huskies to the LA Coliseum and maybe this time the away team won’t have their jewelry stolen. Washington has not looked like the Washington we saw when they beat Oregon a month ago. They’ve endured injuries and have been battling the flu in their lack luster performances. Penix has looked like someone playing hurt and quite honestly they may have been sandbagging it with the mindset they can get by until USC. I still think this Huskies team is a wagon but just in case they are still messing around, I like the over.

Over 76.5


#14 LSU @ #8 Alabama (-3)

O/u: 61.5

Play the music again!

The night game on CBS heads to Tusca-loser in a battle of who gets to lose to Georgia in the SEC title game. Jayden Daniels has been playing out his GOURD this season and has repeatedly seen his defense let him down in their two losses to FSU and Ole Miss. Speaking of that defense, they’ve had problems in the secondary and are now being bit by the injury bug. Brian Kelly took 4 DB’s in the portal and now I don’t think any of the 4 will take the field for the Tigers.

Jalen Milroe can chuck that deep ball but that is about the only thing he can do besides pick up first downs with his legs. With the LSU secondary so banged up, I think Tommy Rees will be able to scheme some things up for Milroe to let that thing loose. Tide roll, unfortunately.

Alabama -3     Over 61.5


Kansas City Chiefs (-2.5) vs Miami Dolphins

O/u: 51

Wake up! It’s football in Germany, for some reason. What might be one of the biggest games this season when considering seeding for the playoffs, and we send them to Germany. I’m of the stance that we should stop “growing the game” and make sure the good ol US of A is taken care of but hey, I don’t run a multi billion dollar company.

I don’t want to pay attention to the travel schedules like a certain podcast we all most likely listen to so I’m going to keep it simple. Dolphins are frauds and the Chiefs show up in games they need to.

KC -2.5


Seattle Seahawks @ Baltimore Ravens (-5.5)

O/u: 44

Well well well, we find ourselves with the Seahawks traveling east. I never like betting on a team having to go coast to coast but I find peace with laying the points with the Ravens. While the Seahawks find themselves atop the NFC West, they still haven’t made me take them seriously to take the crown from San Fran. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re a bad team, but Geno Smith hasn’t been the same guy we saw last year either. I think Pete Carroll’s magic dust runs out, at least for this week, and they come back to Earth.

Baltimore -5.5


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Houston Texans (-2.5)

O/u: 40

The battle of mid takes place in Houston and we get a Baker Mayfield-CJ Stroud matchup. The Buccaneers are still in my frisky tier but they get downgraded due to their head coach being an idiot. If all the NFL head coaches were put on the political spectrum, Todd Bowles would be the most conservative. Hell, I might even vote for him then! I really like this Houston team even if they don’t make a playoff push. Just going off pure vibes here, I like the Texans to take out the trash.

Houston -2.5


Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles (-3)

O/u: 47

YUGE game in the battle of the NFC BEAST best. Dak Prescott shockingly has a 8-3 record versus the Eagles but two of the losses have come at the Linc, so that at least bodes well for the birds. Like the Chiefs game, I’m trying not to overthink this. Cowboys in a big game, Eagles more complete team at home. Birds.

Philadelphia -3   Over 47


Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5)

O/u: 49.5

Are you all ready to get slapped in the face and having to relive the Damar Hamlin incident over and over again. With that in mind, I think it’s a must win for the Bills. They’ve been playing with their food for what seems like the whole year and I think this is the game they get right. The Bengals are coming off a big win so it almost adds up to a let down spot. I would like Bills ML but we’ll take the points for insurance.

Bills +2.5    Over 49.5


Other Plays

Clemson +3      Texas A&M +3     Tennessee -35.5     Georgia Tech +1.5    Army/AF under 31.5   AF -17.5

FAU/UAB over 60     Iowa/NW under 31    Georgia Southern +2    


Indy/Carolina over 44      Washington/New England under 41     NOLA -8.5      NYJ +3.5


Outright Dogs

Arizona +120      UL Monroe +130      Kansas +125

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