Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 30

Welcome back friends,

I will be withholding a thoughtful intro this week as a tribute to those who have lost access to tweeting for any amount of time this week.

Ooredoo - "3G Ooredoo (Arabic)"


This tweet is true. Do with that what you will.


Still can't figure this one out. I'll offer a free RGT t-shirt to anyone who recreates this and tweets it out this week.


Mr. Commenter is no stranger to a good take. This one is no different. I'm also all in.


Next level insight or we are just really dumb and should have seen that chokehold coming.


Major pro tip here. I can't say I ever considered this move. I always just assumed that someone would stop me. Never again will we be oppressed by big grocery store. We now know our rights.


Fun saying officially over

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