Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 36

Welcome back friends,

HNY to all my loyal readers out there. As we enter into a new year, we also open ourselves up to fresh opportunity. Opportunity to fire off some bangers in 2k24 that is. Let's leave the duds from last year behind us and get to posting boys and girls.

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Carl has a point here. We have to be better. And by better I mean ryde with the boys also take Tulane ML and lose together!


This one seemed to slip through the cracks amidst all of the festivities on NYE. Everyone has thought this at one time or another.


This is a solid first time feature from recent subscriber, Dilbo. Savvy move here. It's always good to double check if there is a way out before doing something difficult and time consuming.


Another big brain play I felt obligated to pass along for you all. Thank you for your service, Mo.


What a nightmare situation unfolding. I don't know what the play is here. Especially with buddy parked right on the door mat. Do you fake an injury and limp out? Do you crawl out the other side? I would love to hear everyone's strategic game plan in this situation. Either way, salute to this guy for not panicking and staying in the pocket long enough to tweet about it.


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