Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 42

Welcome back friends,

I hope all my readers out there are having a fantastic week, except you @harryweiner11. For those out of the loop, Harry has been dipping his fantasy football punishment for the past 6 weeks. Do us all a favor and if you see him online- BOO THAT MAN!

Arabic Burger :: Behance


Big if true. I will get my best guy (BostonMarketBoi) on doing some recon for us. More details to come.


Sometimes a tweet just puts something you've been feeling into words perfectly.


I thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through some of the creative options the fellow creatures of the internet came up with for this. This was my favorite by far.


This is seriously one of the greatest mysteries of the world. No amount of research will be able to get to the bottom of this, I'm sure of it.


🚨NEW RIZZ KING ALERT🚨 If you missed out on this story this week, I hurt for you. There are some lingering vids on twitter if you search this legends name, but the OG YouTube vids have been taken down. An actual travesty. Totally worth looking into- dude just has that type of steez you can't teach.


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