Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 43

Welcome back friends,

It has been a semi-eventful week so I am going to rapid fire off some takes for you all to chew on.

  • Shane Gillis on SNL wasn't that bad. It definitely wasn't incredible, but people saying that he bombed are just wrong.
  • Nell's put out a list ranking 'Dips'. It was trash. No guacamole? French Onion? (It wasn't really that bad. I just like getting Nells worked up)
  • Somebody needs to start a go-fund-me for the Burt family, but instead of giving money you can donate uncrustables. Seems as though it would solve a lot of issues for Benny.
  • Talor Gooch is more stupid than we previously thought. (I thought he was stupid already)
  • Harry Weiner is still ducking his punishment. I think it's time we all report him to the twitter police for being a certified pansy.
  • I know this is hard to believe but I still have some RGT pocket tees available. I really need to off load these jawns before tax season so hit me up.
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He's clearly working for the Russians.


I need a glass of water just to look at this for more than 3 seconds.


I know AWL's have already covered this but wanted to put this legendary headline out here for those who may have missed it.


Let's just have moment of silence for this fella.

I honestly would have just flushed them.


If you and your boy haven't sat down and worked this one out then you are truly just a simple minded loser. I've said time and time again- if the US government really wanted to get out of the debt crisis they would just do this at any Hong Kong casino, but they won't. Really makes you think.


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