Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 56

Welcome back friends,

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves over MDW. It is easily a top 5 weekend of the year. I am grateful for those who have defended my right to drink light beer and play in 4 man scrambles. Thank you MDW, may all weekends strive to be more like you.

Flag of the United States of America ...


I've been working on proving a theory for quite some time now. If my calculations are correct- 1.75 beach beers equal 1 non beach beer. I could be wrong- I usually only work on this theory after 6 beach beers. One thing is for sure, Rule 87 is a fact.


how do you get up in the morning and put your pants on


I did have to look up what ubermensch means and not sure that's the exact wording I would go with, but we all know what he's getting at here. What a moment. Just feels so good to emasculate those on the sidewalk who wait for a silly light to tell them what to do instead of their own eyes.



Much like Rick Saban, this big ass baby is an all time vibes guy. He's just down for whatever and isn't afraid to tell you so. Much respect.


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