Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 9

Welcome back friends,

Sorry for the delay, I was too busy counting all of me and benny's likes for the week.


Giving my best effort to keep a finger on the pulse of pop culture and man was it easy to do with this story. It's a real shame these boys are missing out on the fun even if it is at their expense.


What is "things white people say"?


All very reasonable and attainable goals. Someone remind me to circle back with Slaw at the end of the summer and lets see how this went.


Honestly, bring em back. The vortex was a bit overrated but the punch top was a game changer. Flow was out of this world.


Great tweet here from Ox. Made me think of a recent story my Grandma told me. She said growing up she wasn't allowed to listen to Elvis because he was too provocative. So even to this day she feels uncomfortable when he's on the radio. That being said, there is no doubt any Lizzo song would totally cause her to spontaneously combust.

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