Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 8

Welcome back friends,

Well, well, well, seems like the past few weeks have really stirred the pot. Who knew that ranking tweets could trigger such an uproar? People think this is easy work. They don't see the time I put in going through thread after thread, checking the likes of each of my trusted sources, sifting through all the submissions. It's a grind but I do it for you all. Don't forget that.


Putting this here so we can all keep tabs on this guy through the season. Chop on.


It's a rare and special time in a man's life when he can teach his old man a new trick. And what better for broadening a man's horizon than a beach #twea. A life changing experience.


Great debate presented here by the queen. First off I voted team soap, but after I thought about it for a minute, it really depends on what shower I am in. For instance, if you are in someone else's shower and opt for the bar soap you should be arrested immediately.


Only real job havers know this.


Couldn't draw one up any better than this. Nothing screams freedom like an off market firearm sale settled over a fresh basket of cheddar biscuits. Thanks for keeping us in the loop @erkadurk

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