Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 1

All right folks welcome to the first edition of Ron's Good Tweets. S/O to all 14 of you that are subscribed to history. While it may be easy to let all this early success go to our heads, I urge you to stay locked in. Someday when this is landing in 30+ inboxes worldwide every week, we can pause to celebrate but that time has not yet come.

Before we get to the good stuff, a few house keeping items. The site has been updated and comments are now active below each post. That being said I encourage you to leave some feedback. I had a few people ask if I want submissions– Yes submissions are welcome. If you see a gem drop it to me via DM.


Just some rock-solid advice here. At first glance you may be thinking "this is ridiculous,  T-Swift objectively slaps". While I completely agree, when we slow this one down an interesting hypothetical arises. If she ONLY listens to T-Swift. The question then writes itself– She's perfect in every way, but she exclusively listens to Taylor Swift. Are you breaking that off?


I know you're not all dimple-heads out there but I couldn't resist this one. Few things in this world captivate my attention more than a slo mo golf shot. I don't care who you are this is just really satisfying to watch.


I'm sure you all got a chance to see this one but I just had a few things I needed to get off my chest about it. First off, in true Mississippi fashion of course their name is something ridiculous like "Nowlin". Now to the important stuff– his outfit. There is no way you can convince me that Mr. Nowlin didn't already own boots, jeans and a mesh-back trucker hat. I'm no CPA but I don't think you can expense that one Mandi.

$220 of drinks at a concert that didn't even happen is close to crossing that ever-so subtle line from irresponsible to impressive. And to follow that up with a Cracker Barrel tab of $40? My guess is they didn't eat and they just got some home decor because the Oxford CB is "way nicer than the one in Meridian".  Either way, two things are true these people are for sure struggling with crippling amounts of credit card debt and heartburn.


Just a quick check in with our boy Nick Colletti. He's doing exactly what we imagined he would be doing: hunting shrooms. Admittedly, I'm not a shroom guy and have no idea if this is a good one or not, but it looks sick. Great post Nick.


This weeks Tweet of the Week comes from @clubmoss_

Absolutely nothing wrong going on here. Everyone has done this and if you haven't, you should. It may even be the safest way to operate. You can tell this isn't his first rodeo by the way he's woven on to the knob like that. A real pro maneuver.

I reached out for comment from our inaugural Tweet of the Week winner. He didn't respond probably because he's too busy being rad or due to the high likely hood of this sounding like a scam. Probably the latter. Either way, we thank you.

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