Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 2

Welcome back friends,

Week 2 is upon us and we've got a solid slate ahead. Before we get into it, I want to take a moment to thank you all. You all truly let me live my dream every day. Let's keep all the positive vibes going.


Just an all timer from Bron Bron. I know he's quoting a song here, but still right on brand from our man. We all know he just googled "Cool rap lyrics to tweet". Never change King.


Straight up fax. Nothing hits harder than a crispy BLT on a summer Sunday afternoon. Only thing wrong with this tweet is that he said probably.


A tradition unlike any other. Not much else to say here. We all know how this works.


The man with water bats about .175 with his takes (common for men on the plains) but this is a no doubter. Being nice can get you a long way but definitely not in the trenches. Except for Nick Fairley – that guy should be in prison.


Everyone clap it up for Benny! The haters are absolutely trembling right now.  Let this be a lesson to all, BB will out grind you. On top of an already massive week for the Burt family, sources are also telling me Benny Jr. getting a sister. Benny is an inspiration to us all.  2 time sex haver and 1 time TOTW winner, 0 days off. Legend stuff

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