Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 16

Welcome back friends,

In a surprising turn of events, it seems the world decided to take a collective pause, as it's been an incredibly quiet week. I have been digging deep trying to find at least one interesting development that has taken place in the past seven days and unfortunately, I've come back empty handed. Rest assured, while major headlines might be sparse, I scoured every nook and cranny of the bird app to bring you a good lineup from this unusually tranquil period.


Almost everyone who's anyone is now playing coffee golf as they deliver the morning goods. I love to see someone taking the initiative to execute the tried and true playbook. Step 1- find something we all like Step 2- make a way to rank each other doing it. Bravo.


Unreal set up reveal posted by my boy Nells. If you missed the earlier build up to how this so called sauna ended up in his living room, it's worth a look back to see the full story. Another great dudes rock moment in history.


Back 2 back weeks on the board for Lane. This legendary collab is just too big to miss out on. I want to stay on the right side of history.


A buddy of mine told me to put this one in here.


Easy winner here. Great advice. Great list. Great numbies. Not much more to say here. Good going Billy, you've really turned your game around these past few weeks. Keep it up.


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