Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 17

Welcome back friends,

I think instead of writing an intro recapping the previous 7 days, I'll just jump us down to tweet #5 to get us up to speed.




Found myself salivating at this pic. So many good things happening here, but one I must point out for my readers is the "thin sliced" bread. It's an absolute game changer if you like a toasty guy. Pick up a loaf and thank me later.


All pool basketball players play the game knowing that each and every time you tie your suit up, it could be your last. It's easily a more physical game than hockey, football and basketball COMBINED. T's & P's Dr. Krunkles, hoping for a speedy recovery.


Growing up is realizing literally all teachers are alcoholics.


This is an emotion I have felt for quite some time now and just haven't had the words for it, but this is exactly it. The end always happens way sooner than expected. There is just no way to prepare yourself for it. The cup looks at least half full then the slush forms those pockets and you just can't get good pull anymore. It's devastating. Once that happens you might as well just put me down too. A somber TOTW but a good reminder that its ok to not be ok.


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