Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 4

Welcome back friends,

So much has happened since we last connected. The headliners are - Ja relapsed, my uncle got hitched, and Mookie smoothed things over with Kelly (for now). What a week!

While I know many of the day 1 members of the program will probably have some complaints about the lack of recognition given to the #content created in the early hours of Saturday morning —  I would like to kindly remind you we have many followers that couldn't be apart of the Hollywood like script that was this past weekend. So lets be courteous and get on to the tweets.


File this one under "tweets that made me exhale hard through my nose"


This one caught my attention only because I once had a roommate that refused to ever clean dishes so he would pull this move when he made spaghetti by loading the noodles straight into the sauce jar and eating it. I go back in fourth between if this is genius or psychopathic behavior. If you knew the guy, you'd know its definitely the latter.


Guilty as charged. (avg. 13k per day this month)


Wise words here from Uncle Drew... One vice is the perfect amount and I would argue a net positive for ones well being, but go beyond that and you'll start to run into some issues. Unless its caffeine and nicotine, thats a match made in heaven.


Water has blessed the timeline with his documentation of a life changing moment. If you've never been to a TJ's let this be your divine intervention to seek one out.

It may be a little overwhelming at first but just stay calm, try to ignore all of the mom bloggers and fragile hipsters and just make your way to the freezer isle. Go ahead and grab every Asian noodle and rice bag you see (they all slap). Then head on over to the [elite] snack section and just let it all talk to you. Once satisfied with your findings there, round out your haul with a good seedy bread. And if your anything like Waterman, you'll have left just enough room in the basket for a nice crisp bottle of Riesling.

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