Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 23

Welcome back friends,

As we bid adieu to our inaugural "Complaint Week," I hope your gripes have been aired, your grievances voiced, and your spirits lifted by the communal holiday. From weather woes to Coach Prime's lack of respect for the game, we've covered it all. So, let's wrap up this week with a paradoxical appreciation for our pet peeves, and look forward to a next year.

Before we get to this weeks list I have to announce–  We have until SUNDAY NIGHT to get your orders in for these sick threads. Don't miss out on this (low key)(need to sell about 8 more shirts or else the blog is officially in a jam) once and a lifetime opportunity.


Never had one of these before but definitely wont now.


Found this one using the hashtag #complaint. Really feel for this guy. Can you imagine staying on the line for two and a half hours???  I hang up after 10 minutes TOPS. Either way, kick rocks Lloyd.


The King himself with the ultimate complaint. Is it a snake eating itself? Yes, but it plays.


Valid complaint, but also if Shanta wants to clap back after this is goes live, the week is over and complainers go back to being annoying until next year. Choose your fate, Queen.


Clear #1 gripe for the week. Somehow the Dolphins dropping 70 or Zach Wilson being absolute BUNS isn't the most talked about story. Not to mention, Jameis got in this week and we got literally no new Jameis content. We cant stand for this crap much longer. Thanks Power Playa for starting the dialog.


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