Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 25

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October has gracefully swept in, casting its crisp air, playoff baseball and Columbus Day (for those who celebrate). Contrary to anything Billy Pajamas says, fall is the best time of year.

Before we get to this week's list, I have a special burner beat report for us to keep our eye on through the weekend.

I present to you-

Behind the Avatars: The Burner War of Auburn-LSU Superfans

By: Ron Oct. 11, 2023

This weekend, a historic rivalry is set to unfold on the football field, as the Auburn Tigers face off against the LSU Tigers. But while players on both sides will clash for supremacy, there's another rivalry simmering on the sidelines — one between two fans whose fervor for their teams is palpable. Meet Waterman, the ardent Auburn Alum, and his counterpart, The General, the unwavering LSU fanatic.

The tension between these two fans runs deep, echoing the intensity of the on-field rivalry. Both have their fair share of victories and gloating moments to reference, but the stakes for this weekend's match are higher than ever.

When asked about his counterpart, Waterman didn't mince words. "The General? Overall experience: not an enjoyable guy. He's like a grey cloud that dampens the spirit. And let's not even get started on his misconstrued view on sports and life in general."

While the rivalry's personal for Waterman, he also sees the broader implications of this weekend's match-up. "It's more than just a game. A win this weekend would be monumental for our program. It signifies progress, especially under the Rev. Beating LSU — a team The General arrogantly thinks is invincible — would solidify our position in the SEC."

Waterman fondly recalls recent Auburn victories, especially in baseball. "I really enjoyed being able to rub in the baseball series win in the spring. The General somehow thinks LSU will never lose to Auburn. But we've outplayed them in various sports recently. This weekend, I'd love to remind him who the top tiger in the SEC truly is."

With Waterman's sentiment echoing in the background, The General, an unwavering stalwart for LSU, paints a contrasting picture.

"Waterman?" The General muses with a smirk. "Well, I'll give him this – he's passionate about his team, a zeal which I can begrudgingly respect. But passion often breeds delusion. The incessant need of Waterman and Auburn to outdo LSU is almost endearing, but it's mired in what I call the 'little brother syndrome.'"

Recalling the baseball comments from earlier this year, The General doesn’t hold back. "It's amusing, really. Waterman tried trolling our baseball team, which ironically went on to clinch the National Championship. I had to laugh at his audacity. After all, how do you take a shot at a team with more National Championships under their belt than your own has had College World Series appearances? It's a total, 'how can you hate from our side of the club, when you can't even get in,' type of situation."

Shifting his focus to the imminent football face-off, The General's tone remains confident, but with a hint of disdain. "This year's football journey hasn't been our brightest, but it would mean a lot for the Bayou Bengals to take the tiger bowl for no other reason than to ensure Auburn doesn't get the satisfaction of flaunting yet another moral victory with banners and t-shirts. Because, let's be honest, that's just the sort of thing they’d revel in."

As the teams set foot on the gridiron, the clashes won't be restricted to the field. With Waterman and The General championing their teams' cause, we're reminded that the heart of a rivalry often beats loudest in the stands. The weekend promises fierce competition, undying team spirit, and banter that’s hard to forget. Strap in, folks – this Tiger Bowl is about more than just football.

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I saw this video circulating with many different captions but I thought this one put it best. I would pay good money to see this guy do some ladder drills or run through some tires.




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