Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 26

Welcome back friends,

As the dust settles from last week's explosive Auburn-LSU showdown, hats off to The General, whose unwavering belief in the LSU Tigers bore fruit.

Don't forget to tune in Friday for Dick's Picks. I've already heard firsthand that he's "loving the board this week". Now let's keep it moving.

8 Arab Shows to Watch in Ramadan 2022 | Egyptian Streets


Just an unreal use of super computing to put this list together. Two things to add- I've seen enough DIII football to know that 156 points is NOT enough for Fitchburg v. Michigan. and the Coast Guard has a football team??


I would be a force in this sport.


I'm as mildly interested in baseball once football starts as the next guy, but this really is stupid. Baseball would be way more exciting if they played like 40 games. And while we're at it let's make pegs, spidertack, and steroids legal. Baseball=fixed


It didn't work but it was too valiant of an effort to not give some credit here.


I got absolutely hooked on this game last week. I played 9 seasons in like 2 days and never saw any kinda wiggle like what was put on display here. Really impressive stuff. Sorry Waterman, I hate to kick a man while he's down but this is a generational highlight.


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