Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 27

Welcome back friends,

Hope everyone is doing well out there. Unless you are an adult planning to dress up for halloween (excluding any RGT merch).

On that note, those of you loyal readers who ordered an RGT shirt should be getting those any day now. If you didn't, I still have some available- DM for details.

Coca-Cola Ad Capitalizes on Saudi Women Driving Ban Lift - autoevolution


Truer words may have never been tweeted before. IMO, a Chipotle bowl has the highest ceiling of all fast food menu items. #EmbraceDebate


This is a new novelty trend I have yet to partake in but think we, as a brain trust, should jump on the bandwagon before it's too late.


Once again, straight facts from Uncle Drew. Nothing quite does it like a classic fountain. Unless you have some dweeb behind you on that '1-2-3 save some for me' BS.


Let's gather round and pour one out for this guy. It never hurts to try. You have to salute the transparency here. I am honestly envious of this guy's confidence (or lack of self-awareness). Either way, it's admirable. Also, shoutout to the coach for just telling it how it is.


Never had more of a no-doubter in TOTW history! This incredible list of great things just got even better. This TOTW is for sure top 3 and it ain't #3! Big shoutout to Benny Burt on what will be remembered as a life-changing day. I know when I got my first RGT tee, my life was ELEVATED. The feeling of holding those fresh threads on the outside of your hoodie is just something that few things in this world can replace. Congrats to the Burt Family!!


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