Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 31

Welcome back friends,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. In full transparency, I never intended to take the week off (#TNOD) but I was not about to get doxxed at my in-laws house by sneaking away to blog. I hope you all can understand. Now because I would hate to see a banger slip through the cracks, tweets from the past two weeks will be valid on this edition. Now let's get back in the saddle.

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I haven't thought about these things in quite a while, but now I can't get the thought of cracking a cold one underneath the water shroom out of my head. A must for SBK 2K24


Facts. It's undoubtably a Grade A flame for anyone under the age of 14.


I always love a good reply tweet and this one could be higher if it weren't for the omission of the fellas from the list. Credit to Benny for making things right in the notes app though.


Reposting for reach. This could be big.


I saw plenty of Thanksgiving lists this past week but none quite stood out like this one. All objectively great things. RGT is a clear #1 and my gut is to put airplanes at #2 ,but then I remembered what they did to Lynyrd Skynyrd and John Denver and they must be held accountable so I'm promoting Miller Lite to #2. All in all great takes Nells.

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