Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 38

Welcome back friends,

The world as we know it is changing. Saban out, Belichick fired, Tiger no longer in a swoosh. At this rate, Auburn football might have a winning season this year. If you are anything like me, it may feel as though the world is crumbling in around you, but I promise you one thing- RGT is here to stay. May it continue to be your rock, your soft place to land on a Wednesday evening. Amen.

Arab National Bank Ads :: Behance


This is next level tactical planning for yoffs. I urge every and all agenda pushers to fall in line and prepare the drafts accordingly.


What kinda idiot didn't know that?


One day Rick, you'll be ahead of the curve and make bank, one day.


Real freight train riders know this.


Putting this here as a warning to FADE the Dolphins all next season. I might be reading into this too far but it could be the canary in the coal mine that he may have severed some relationships in the locker room. It is downright disrespectful no one tossed him some Carmex before jogging out for warmups. Consider yourselves warned.


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