Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 39

Welcome back friends,

In these challenging times, where the winds of change blow with an unsettling force, we gather not as warriors seeking battle but as guardians of principles that define our identity. It has come to our attention that a shadow looms over our cherished freedoms, as attempts are made to extinguish the flame of choice and autonomy.

Our cause is not for war, but for discourse, for the echoing voices of reason to reverberate within the hallowed halls of governance. The Federal Government's intent to ban Zyn, our beloved pouches, has drawn our collective concern.

Let it be known that we stand united, not in defiance, but in a plea for understanding. The aroma of liberty is as sweet as the flavors we hold dear, and it is in this spirit that we extend an olive branch. We implore the esteemed representatives to engage in open conversation, to fathom the intricacies of our concerns, and to recognize the essence of personal choice.

For it is in dialogue that conflicts find resolution, and understanding breeds harmony. Let history recount this moment not as a clash of forces, but as a testament to the power of reason prevailing over discord.

By the quill and seal, let this decree be a beacon of hope, calling all to participate in the discourse that defines the essence of our great nation.

In Liberty We Trust,


The Middle East Arab Consumer Profile | IstiZada


Maybe a bit niche but if you know, you know.


Pretty good summary to be fair.


Consider the agenda – pushed.


Hand up. I was unbelievably bought in on these things in 2012.


If my letter to the Senate provided in the intro of this post doesn't solve anything, I will be forced to fall in line with @bigcontentguy and solve things with force.


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