Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 5

Welcome back friends,

I can't believe we are already to the 5th edition. It seems like just yesterday I was entering my credit card number into a random site for the url name. Time flies when you're changing the world.


An absolute peach of a memo here from Wendys. This gives me big commerce Zax vibes. I'm gonna have to start using "Due to the unfortunate!" as my go-to excuse. Thanx


Now this one really took me back. 2 dudes, 2 straws(?), 1 vape, 1 pocket??? I struggle to visualize what was going on here. In an effort to gain some clarity I reached out to the author of this tweet, BostonMarketBoi. After some discussion, I left with even more confusion. This seems incredible but need some help getting the picture here. Everyone tweet me your amateur sketch of how you think this went down.


More than just wise words- Thats #(s)law


Nobody does a grumpy complaint better than Rick. He lives and dies by the unwritten rules of life and should you find yourself breaking one, you better believe @kind_wizird is sending shots at your fitted.


Billy just never stops. This gets totw based on hustle alone. If you're unfamiliar, this is the ring leader from the original Fyre fest, the event that sent him to prison. Fresh out the clink, with all new perspective and he's doubling down. What a guy.

Billy is no stranger to a good business deal, so I made him an offer he can't refuse. see DM below.

I'll keep you guys posted on what he says.

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