Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 44

Welcome back friends,

As we wrap up another remarkable week, it's hard not to marvel at the incredible feats achieved by individuals across different arenas. In the sports realm, LeBron James made history by surpassing 40,000 career points in the NBA, while Caitlin Clark broke the NCAA scoring record, both earning respect from fans everywhere.

While reflecting on these monumental achievements, it's impossible not to draw parallels to the journey of this blog. Just like LeBron and Caitlin, we've been on our own journey of breaking barriers and setting new standards. With this being our 44th edition, each week has presented its own challenges and triumphs, much like the highs and lows experienced by athletes striving for greatness.

As we dive into this week's tweets, let's celebrate the spirit of perseverance, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that binds us all together, regardless of the arena in which we compete.


Can't wait for that first #saturdaystripey post to hit the timeline.


I'd watch.


When I was 19, me and my roommate convinced ourselves that 1 cigarette a day was good for us. Every night around 9, we would rip exactly one heater in the parking lot of our apartment. It was honestly the best part of the day and now that I think about it, we might have been on to something.


Real brief heads know this. Everyone has a couple pairs that live at the bottom of the drawer and every once and a while you find supplies low and have to gut it out with them until laundry day.


Best sporting event of the year (besides The Masters). Can't wait to lose money in countless bracket pools.


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