Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 45

Welcome back friends,

With the arrival of daylight saving time, we can officially say that spring is so #back. With that being said, I wanted to pass along a few tips to help smooth your transition into the season.

  1. Start taking your Zyrtec and Allegra now before the pollen puts you in a chokehold.
  2. Time to rotate the winter clothes but keep out the q zips for the mornings.
  3. Member guest szn is coming up and you should start handicap maintenance now. If you wait too long you might raise some suspicion. It's best to just stay ahead of this one.
  4. Time for us casuals to tap into college basketball so we can make comments like "Yeah this doesn't surprise me that Washington State is making a run, they match up well against teams with good guard play". It's all about being a "perceived expert"
  5. Go ahead and put the emergency deodorant stick in your glove box.

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I really need to get my hands on this recipe.

cc @harryweiner


So true. No matter how long you wait, that first one is destined to incinerate your mouth and ensure you wont be able to taste the rest of the batch.


This might be obvious but just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page.


POV of Ron's Good Tweets getting approached by the PIF in spring 2023.


Big shout out to that comma for keeping Skip's job intact.


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