Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 47

Welcome back friends,

I hope this week's edition finds you all well recovered from your weeklong basketball binge. A lot happened since we last met and most of it I will address by saying "imma wait til all the facts come out". In safer news, it appears dear friend of the program, Billy Pajamas, has returned (mostly) unscathed from a week abroad and none of our Auburn readers have opted out of life on earth (yet). So we have that going for us, which is nice.

One developing story to keep an eye on- Benny Burt has been nearly silent since the conclusion of the round of 64. Citing the following:

I'm trying my best not to assume the worst, but unless we hear something soon it will be safe to say he will be sleeping on couch for quite some time. Poor guy can't catch a break.

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Beautiful. Prints are for sale in the comments FYI.


'Tis the season.


Truly doing the Lord's work. We need more independent members of the press committed to finding truth, like these guys.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say this guy couldn't care less. Maybe gave it a 'oops. Ahh oh well' and moved on with his day.


It's been a banner week for investigative journalism via Twitter comments. If you haven't had the chance to do so then just save yourself some time and take this tweet and run with it. It seems as that PFT has done the heavy lifting for us.


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