Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 48

Welcome back friends,

I write this to you as I sit in the international terminal of the illustrious Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. I am headed across the pond to fight alongside my comrades Nells Nelson (@NellsNelson1) and JohnJo (@JohnJoChav) in a battle against links golf and cold pints of Guinness. Wish us luck.

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I've never seen this game before but whatever it is the guy deep in his bag for sure. I love the way that the shooter just keeps calling for the rock too. A true heater.


Finally, a REAL nerd doing something ACTUALLY useful with his gifts. We need more like him.


I used to have a job with a similar setup. I would put my mouse on the smooth fast scroll and see how far down an excel sheet I could get in one swipe. Kinda sad how into it I got. T's & P's Unc.


Now I know this is ironic because I myself am traveling right now, but don't get it twisted- this is much different. This ain't no hobby, the boys are business this week.


This baby will be dope. Period.


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