Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 6

Welcome back friends,

Hope you all had a sick Memorial Day. Let's have a quick moment of silence for the men and women that make all this possible.

Alright we back.


This is one of the few moments I am actually grateful that we can record every waking second of our lives. If some guy tried to tell me that him and his boy pushed a rock down a hill and it exploded a tree in half, I would never in a million years buy it. Good thing I don't have to. Dudes rock


I love it when billionaires try to lure us in by using getting "personal". Nice try buddy, you aren't getting by playing the curiosity card on this one. We know you're losing out on millions. Only putting this up here because I respect the hustle.


Bare necessities. The world would be a better place if you swapped every CVS on the corner out with one of these.


RIP in peace our sweet prince. But in all seriousness, I guess I somehow missed this at the time, I didn't realize how much he was SLINGING that kid around. Big S/O to the camera person for delivering in a high stress moment.


Couldn't risk it. Congrats Uncle Drew!!

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