Ron's Good Tweets - Edition 7

Welcome back friends,

This week's edition couldn't have come at a better time. Just hours ago, I finalized a deal that has the potential to change the landscape of weekly tweet power rankings as we know it.

I am thrilled to officially disclose that Ron's Good Tweets©️ has received an unexpected boost straight from the fabled realms of Saudi Arabia! That's right, people, the Public Investment Fund (PIF) itself has deemed my rankings worthy of their generous backing.

Now, I must clarify that I can't divulge the exact details of this partnership. Rest assured, it involves giving back to the online community (through vibes), merch (maybe), and tons of guaranteed cash for me. In return, I agreed to take part in a new ad campaign founded by my new partner, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. So you may see an ad from time to time.

Thank you all for being part of this adventure. And remember, no matter the size of my budget or the origins of my funding, it's your continued support that truly makes this newsletter shine brighter than a diamond in an oil well.


No doubt about it. Now I will admit that I am usually a suspenders kinda guy when it comes to a black tie affair, but once I've had 3 gin and tonics, a half dozen domestics, and circled the dessert table for an hour, that cummerbund would be my best friend.


Whatever the hell this thing is has sparked discussion and discourse across the nation. One thing is for sure, the name is great and I respect the transparency. It's exactly what I do just moments after finishing any menu item from McDonalds. Now the character himself is nothing short of uncomfortable.


Uncle Drew is on a heater with the takes the past few weeks and this might be his best yet. This exact situation is one of the terrible parts of adulthood and to make it worse it's the one that no one warns you about. Honestly, thank the Lord for the NBA playoffs. Without them, those late spring - early summer weddings would just be dudes trying to explain their jobs to each other while neither of them listen.


This is just a really good idea.


Good take from @i_zzzzzz . I could not agree more. Good art is such a scam and sucks. Real art is stuff like a fresh mowed lawn, perfectly toasted bread or a Ford F-150 King Ranch. If the world had any sense, we would make all creative people learn the guitar. That way we would have fewer useless finger paintings and way more tasty licks.

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